Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore Diagnosis

How to diagnose cold sores?

Are you someone who gets cold sores regularly? Preventing the occurrence of stressful situations in life may make you see a marked change in the frequency of this irritating problem. But what do you do if you get cold sores which are different in nature than the common type? Well, that is when proper diagnosis of cold sores becomes important.

The truth is that most cold sores look alike and hardly ever are laboratory tests required. It is quite easy to diagnose them from how the lesions appear to the eye. Sometimes, these may appear in singular form and sometimes they may appear together as a big blister. The blister is usually more painful than a single sore. However if diagnosis is a challenge, tests can be done to solve it. The PCR test and a viral culture are the most common tests available. For this, a swab is rubbed over a blister to get a sample. But this will work well only if the swab is taken for testing within a couple of days. The PCR test basically checks the sore for DNA of the herpes virus. This second test is very helpful in diagnosing cases of the herpes virus.

If you are not sure about whether a sore you have got is a cold sore or something else, it is important that the first person you go to see is a doctor. This will help prevent the case from escalating and becoming serious.

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