Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore Symptoms

Identifying The Various Cold Sore Symptoms

Many people feel curious to know about the various cold sore symptoms from beforehand so that it becomes easier for them to identify the cold sore during its outbreak and therefore take the required measures to get rid of them as soon as possible. however, cold sores are not very harmful but are highly contagious and may recur.

Almost every person suffering from cold sores show common cold sore symptoms. The initial infection or the time when the HSV-1 first infects the human body, certain symptoms can be visible. These are fever, lethargy, sore throat and headaches. These symptoms, at times, may lead the people to misinterpret the infection for flu. At this stage of the first attack of the infection, there is seldom any occurrence of oral herpes, fever blisters or which are more commonly referred to as cold sores. These early symptoms get manifested only when the virus remains dormant inside the body. On becoming active, the virus causes cold sores which are then accompanied by other symptoms, different from those visible at the initial stage of the infection.

Cold sore symptoms can be discussed in order of their occurrence. The symptoms of the impending fever blisters cannot be actually detected. When cold sores are about to appear, the target area of the skin suffers from irritation, itching or a tingling sensation. These signs assure that the HSV has become active and is trying to move to the surface of the skin to enter the nerve cells there. It is recommended that in order to get some comfort, something cold like ice should be applied on the particular area. The affected area then starts swelling and becomes red and painful. Having fever and headaches are common during this time. The lymph glands under the jaw also begin to swell. The groups of blisters now burst open to release the fluid inside them. This is the most painful and contagious stage. Slowly the healing process starts. A yellowish layer appears over the sore and after a few days the scab falls off. It takes around 10-14 days to get cured.