Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore Treatment

We highly recommend the “Cold Sore Free Program” for quick and effective cold sore treatment:

There are many more ways to treat cold sores as well, but this program really does shortcut the healing process. For more informations about natural and other cold sore treatments please browse the articles at and to give you a short overview of things that help to cure and treat cold sores:

A few pointers on how to treat and prevent cold sore are given below

- Change your Toothbrush because the cold sore virus clings to it and keep your new tootbrush as dry as possible

- No Salty/Acidy foods unless you like pain in your cold sores

- Lysine can help cure cold sores

- No touching and rubbing on the cold sore!

- Yes Warm Water and Soap help the cold sore from spreading

- Sleep and Relaxation is a great cold sore treatment

- Take the right Vitamins if you suspect you lack Vitamins

- Avoid stress which is one of the biggest triggers of cold sores