Cold Sore Treatment

How To Treat Cold Sores

Tips On How To Treat Cold Sores

Cold sore blisters near the lips and mouth not only looks awful but it causes unbearable pain and irritation as well which can be really uncomfortable at times. People suffering from this disorder desperately search for solutions on how to treat cold sores. Even though there are no proper medicines or solutions for treating cold sores completely, some home remedies and a few medicated products can help alleviate the pain and discomfort that accompanies cold sores. These remedies may also lessen the time span of the healing process to a certain extent.

If one is extremely eager to know how to treat cold sores, the following tips may come to great help. Eating foods rich in lysine like dairy products can be very effective as lysine has the ability to minimize the time period of cold sores. Most people feel like pressing the affected area as they think it would help in suppressing the itching sensation. However, this is not true and is a dangerous thing to do as well. The sore will spread. It will also last longer. In order to suppress the cold sore from coming on, applying something cold like ice will be helpful. If the cold sore has already appeared, putting ice on it will not let the sore grow bigger. This should be done quite frequently.

Witch hazel oil is a wonderful natural product which, when applied over the area where one feels the sore may appear, stop the cold sores from spreading at once. This minimizes the pain too. The intake of multivitamins is a great solution to the cold sore problem. Multivitamins like zinc, vitamin C, Vitamins A and B complex can speed up the healing process. Another very effective natural solution is castor oil. Castor oil possesses anti-viral properties. So, applying castor oil on cold sores will help in fighting against the cold sore virus. Using warm tea bags on the affected area allows the herbs go deep into the skin. This helps in reducing the length and pain of the sore. These were some ways on how to treat cold sores.