Cold Sore Treatment

Medical Attention For Cold Sores

Cold sores: When you should seek medical attention

Cold sores can be mildly painful and in some cases they can be seriously so. Whether or not to seek medical attention is a decision that has to be taken depending on the condition of the patient. The first time one is hit with a case of cold sores, the symptoms can be pretty severe. This is supposed to be a ‘primary attack’ and one may get fever, swollen glands, painful sores on the nose and around the mouth and bleeding gums. The sores may take anything from a couple to about 6 weeks to heal completely and the painful symptoms may last for quite a few days. Even when the patient is outwardly completely healed, the virus may stay behind in the saliva. It is a good idea to seek medical attention in such cases, especially in the case of children as the symptoms can be quite painful. Medicines will shorten the attack and make eating and drinking much less of a chore.

People who get recurrent attacks of cold sores will usually not require any medical attention. In fact, some people get cold sores so frequently that doctors are known to prescribe daily medicines to reduce the frequency of attacks. Such suppressing of a virus is not a good thing for too long as the virus continues to reside in the body. For these people, natural treatments are a better bet. But again, those who have undergone stress recently, such as chemotherapy or an accident, for them, getting medical attention is the best option.

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