Cold Sore Treatment

Treatment For Cold Sores On Lips

Natural ways to treat cold sores on the lips

Are cold sores on your lips spoiling your day? There are natural ways you can treat them easily with things that are available around the house. Since cold sores are caused due to the virus herpes, it is highly contagious. Keeping away from direct physical contact with friends and family when infected with it is a good idea as it does not allow the virus to spread. In fact even if your cold sores on the lips get healed, the virus may remain in the body for years, even throughout your life, though in a dormant condition. That is why any person who has had an attack of cold sores is very likely to get it again.

For a person why has cold sores on the lips, it is extremely important to know not to indulge in any kind of oral sexual relations with anyone as this is an easy way for the virus to spread. Kissing too, is a strict no-no before the cold sores get completely healed.

One should also pay attention to cleanliness when one is under an attack of the herpes. Washing the face and hands regularly as well as the towels, pillow cases and sheets that are being used is important. This will prevent the sores from worsening. Another great natural way to treat cold sores on the lips is by rubbing ice onto the affected area. Also, putting a used tea bag that has been in the refrigerator for some time is another good way to treat cold sores.

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