Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore Inside Mouth

Fight with Cold Sore inside Mouth Using Home Remedies

The fluid filled lesions that are caused from herpes simplex virus type 1 are known as cold sores. This virus is also known as HSV1. Cold sore inside mouth is relatively small blister but very irritating and painful. The herpes simplex virus predominates in the bloodstream for rest of all the years of your life once it is infected. In many cases people remain unaware of this infection as at the very initial stage this virus is asymptomatic.

Natural homemade remedies to cure it

To get rid of this painful problem it is essential to start treatment at the very beginning. Cold sore inside mouth can easily be treated with some useful home remedies. For example ñ dental paste can be applied on the affected area to get relief from the irritation. Pastes that contain zinc are more likely to be used for cold sores. Another thing that you can use without any hesitation is ice cubes. Rubbing of ice cubes on regular basis may eliminate the chances of further expansion of the blisters.

Besides using the above mentioned two remedies you can apply garlic paste on the sores directly as well. Garlic is considered to be very effective solution for curing of herpes.