Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore On Tongue

Use Natural Remedies to Cure Cold Sore on Tongue

Cold sores are basically small blister type eruptions that may appear on nose, lips, inside mouth, on tongue, and in some other places. No well approved reason for the causes of canker or cold sore on tongue could be found so far. However, some researchers declared that different types of flu and fever are the sources of cold sores whereas some other says that ultraviolet radiation is the main cause for the same.
Natural remedies to deal with it

Whatever be the reason for the appearance of cold sore on tongue, people need to fight against the same to put an end to the painful sufferings.

Details of some useful natural remedies are described below that would fight against the problem with a sooner effect:

* Pastes that contain witch hazel should be applied directly on the affected parts of your tongue to get relief from pain and inflammation instantly.

* The pain can also be kept under control by putting hot tea bag on the sore frequently.

* Upon noticing the problem of cold sores lemon based balm can also be used to make the process of healing faster.

* Aloe Vera oil or the raw form of the same can be applied too.