Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sores On Face

Remedies that are Used to Treat Cold Sores on Face

Painful pus filled blisters that are also known as cold sores appear on face, nose, and lips, around the mouth, tongue and in certain other places as well. Cold sores on face are very painful and hence proper treatment for the same is required to get relief instantly. Many people prefer to opt for natural homemade remedies whereas some others do not wish to take a chance and hence, consult doctors for the same.

Hot and cold therapies for facial cold sores

These therapies are used especially to alleviate pain though the duration of cold sores on face cannot be reduced with the help of the same. A soft washcloth moistened with cold water directly should be placed on the facial cold sores. The process should be continued for quite some time throughout the day until you feel relief to some extent from pain and inflammation. Once you are done then use a soft and clean towel to pat your face dry. Hot water therapy can also be used in the same manner mentioned above.

Natural remedy that might become helpful

Doctors suggest topical medicine to treat with the problem of facial cold sores. However, if you are not likely to use the same petroleum jelly can be applied on the affected area using a piece of cotton.