Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sores

Cold sore- Cause, Symptom and Treatment

Cold sores also known as fever blisters are one of the most common viral infections. Caused by the virus, herpes simplex, this disorder is marked by fluid filled blisters that makes the skin read and swollen. Blisters are often very painful. As these blisters are filled with fluid, the upper layer is very tender and rubbing them can lead to severe infection. If medication is taken on time, these blisters can be healed without any scar formation. Yet, in most of the cases, these blisters have tendency to reappear.

Causes of Cold sore

Cold sores, caused by HSV-1 generally affect oral area while HSV-2 affects genital area. Yet, it can appear in other areas of the body too. Cold sore virus or HSV-1 is a contagious virus and can spread easily if someone comes in close contact with the infected person. Kissing an infected person can lead to the spread of virus. Infected saliva can also spread the HSV-1 virus and cause this disease. The risk of spreading the virus reduces as the blisters dry up.

Symptoms of Cold sore

Learning about the symptoms of cold sore can help in avoiding the conditions. Some of the common symptoms of cold sores have been listed below for guiding you.

* Prodorme is one of the most common symptoms associated with this disease. It generally appears, before the actual cold sore blisters show up on the skin. Prodorme is generally marked with tingling or burning sensation and treating it can help in controlling the outburst of the blisters to some extent.

* On the primary stage, the blisters are filled with fluids.

* As the fluids dry up, the blisters appear like scabs. Generally, scabs appear after eight to ten days from the prodorme stage. Yet, some people may take a few days more to get the blisters dried.

Symptoms are similar in people of all age group. However, some children may also get affected by throat infection.

Cold sore Treatment

Cold sore is a common infection and treatment is available easily. Some choices of cold sore remedies have been listed below:

* Adults can go for the over-the-counter medications for the treatment of this viral infection. OTC or over-the- counter pills are generally recommended depending on the stage or the severity of infection and the symptoms. If OTC pills are taken in the first stage, one can check the spread of the virus. Different OTC pills are available without prescription and are recommended by FDA for curing cold sores.

* In case of severe outbursts, one should consult a doctor and get the prescription pills for the treatment of the conditions. Balms and gels are also recommended for offering a soothing effect on the affected area, when there is a severity of condition. Children as well as people with special health conditions or pregnant women should consult a doctor before starting medication for healing the fluid filled blisters. When accepting any drug or pill for the treatment of cold sore, it is recommended to verify FDA recommendation of the same.

* Home remedies are also available for cold sores. One can use amino acid and lysine for the treatment of the condition. Changing diet and adding vitamin supplements to diet are considered to be some of the best treatments for cold sores. Applying nail polish remover or vitamin E oil has also helped some people to recover. However, there is no scientific evidence backing it.

Irrespective of the type of cold sore remedies taken, one should wash hands properly and follow a clean habit for preventing the spread of the virus.

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