Cold Sore Treatment

What Causes Cold Sores In People?

Cold sores are pretty common among the masses of people, but few of us know what exactly causes it or how to prevent them. That is because real knowledge about cold sores is not easy to come about. Here, you will get to know what the main causes of cold sores are in people.

Each case of cold sores is unique but of course, the main causes are mostly similar. The herpes simplex virus is its most important cause. The truth is that nearly all people carry this virus, though in a dormant form. It is only when this virus is triggered that it becomes active and may manifest itself in the form of cold sores which may come out on the lips, nose or inside the mouth. But what is the trigger that arouses the virus? There are basically 2.

1.Stress: This is a No. 1 trigger for the herpes virus. People who lead a stressful life are more prone to develop cold sores. Stress may be in the form of work, an illness or injury or it may be due to a particular traumatic experience like death in the family or a public presentation one has to make. Whatever it is, stress is a very important cause for cold sores.

2.Acid balance of the body: If the acid balance of the body remains below 7, it may cause cold sores as it is a trigger for the herpes virus.

If these few things are kept in mind, cold sores can be kept at bay easily.

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